One Hundred Signs You May Be A Conspiracy Theory , Paranoid Tin Foil Hat Wearing Wing Nut Wacko … Part 5

Alex Jones (2)
Alex Jones , the internet’s favorite source for wing nuts.

Wing nuts have never met a conspiracy theory they didn’t like. Whether it has to do with Barack Obama , the government covering up UFOs , or the New World Oder , they’ll believe anything on the internet , no matter how insane or ridiculous it is.
The following are ten more examples that you may be a conspiracy theory , paranoid tin foil hat wearing wing nut wacko , if …

1. You believe Obama is a psychopath because he takes vacations and plays golf.

2. You believe Obama has multiple identities and social security numbers.

3. You believe Obama’s real name is Barry Soetero. 

4. You believe Barack Obama really went to Mars in his youth as part of a teleportation project.

5. You believe Obama is supporting ISSIS and other Muslim terrorists by sending them candy and flowers via drones. 

6. You believe Obama’s trip to Mars was really about preparing him for his tyrannical dictatorship of America.

7. You believe the government is spying on you through your electrical appliances.

8. You believe Obama can hypnotize with a single stare.

9. You believe everything is a liberal conspiracy.

10. You believe Jews control the world along with reptilian aliens. 

If you believe any of this ridiculous nonsense , you definitely are a conspiracy theory , paranoid tin foil hat wearing wing nut and should be in a padded cell.


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