One Hundred Signs You May Be A Conspiracy Theory , Paranoid Tin Foil Hat Wearing Wing Nut Wacko … Part 2

Alex Jones (2)
Alex Jones , the internet’s favorite source for wing nuts.

Wing nuts left and right will believe almost anything , no matter how wacky or nutty it is. If it’s on the internet , it must be true. The following are ten more signs you may be a conspiracy theory , paranoid tin foil hat wearing wing nut wacko , if …

1. You believe white people are the real victims of racism.

2. You believe Barack Obama is the Anti-Christ.

3. You believe Muslim terrorists are living in the White House.

4. You believe feminists are Nazis.

5. You believe Barack Obama faked his birth certificate.

6. You believe Obama’s Momma was a space alien.

7. You believe David Icke is sane , and the world really is controlled by aliens lizards.

8. You believe it really is Obama’s fault that Track Palin beat up his girlfriend.

9. You believe Hitler and his storm troopers were cross dressing , flower wearing pansies.

10. You believe that Barack Obama helped Bill Ayers and the Weather underground  plant explosives , when he was eight years old.

If you believe any of the above , then you are indeed a conspiracy theory , paranoid tin foil hat wearing wing nut wacko , and should be institutionalized.


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