Eight Reasons To Believe Conservatives Don’t Love America

Aviary Photo_131010793611612376 Today’s Conservatives claim to love America and respect the constitution , but oppose many of the principles for which it represents. Not all Conservatives hate their country , but a great majority of them behave in a way that is contrary to their morals and values. They believe they are more intelligent , morally and mentally superior ,  more accepting of change , and more tolerant. But nothing could be further from the truth. Today’s Conservatives are a dying breed. They are going the way of the dinosaurs , and they have no one to blame but themselves for their demise.

The following list is a number of examples that prove most Conservatives don’t love America.

  1.  Today’s Conservatives hate liberals. They don’t just hate them , but they often accuse them of being un-American , traitors , of behaving like Nazi’s simply for having an opposing point of view on a number of subjects , such as same-sex marriage , abortion , etc.. Conservative Christians are constantly whining about liberal policies such as same-sex marriage , and abortion , and how they will inevitably lead to the destruction of America by the Almighty , or that the Gay Gestapo will soon begin rounding up all of the persecuted Christians.
  2. Today’s Conservatives hate the current president.
    Aviary Photo_131010792835789839
    Obama hating Conservatives love to accuse liberals of playing the race card , but the truth is Conservatives have been experts at playing it since 2008.

    When Barack Obama was initially elected president of the United States , Conservatives in congress vowed to make him a one term president. They did everything they could to make him look illegitimate. They falsely accused him of being a foreigner , a communist , a Nazi , a traitor , a racist , and a Muslim terrorist enabler. They don’t just hate him , they want to see him fail in everything he does , because their hatred is more important to them than seeing a black man with a foreign name succeed as a president. By their behavior , today’s Conservatives have proven that by wanting to see their president fail , they don’t care if their country fails.

  3. Today’s Conservatives believe America is a Christian nation. Republicans often claim that the founders who framed the constitution , intended America to be a theocracy. But nowhere in the document does it say any such thing. God is never mentioned , nor the words ‘a Christian nation.’ The founding fathers intended state and religion to remain separate : ‘Congress shall make no laws respecting the establishment of religion , or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.’ However , Conservatives conveniently ignore this part of the first amendment by claiming that the words , ‘separation of church and state’ do not appear anywhere in the constitution. They deny it because it doesn’t fit their narrow view of how America should be. Today’s Christians , a majority of them Conservatives , believe theirs  is the only legitimate religion , and that the bible should be the law of the land , not the constitution.
  4. Today’s Conservatives oppose equal rights for women , gays , illegal immigrants. Conservatives claim they are big proponents of civil rights , but when it comes to anything they don’t like , they have proven to be  for the exact opposite. Conservatives have been opposed to equal pay for women , raising the minimum wage , claiming it will lead to job loss , and ultimately ruining the economy. They also claim to be opposed to big government , except when it comes to controlling the private lives of others , such as a woman’s right to choose to have birth control , or an abortion. Or the rights of same-sex couples to be treated fairly under the law , because a book that was written thousands of years ago , says it’s a sin.
  5. Today’s conservatives claim they are patriots.
    Aviary Photo_131010792987756920
    Today’s Conservatives admire this guy as a true patriot ,  who soiled himself to avoid the draft.

    The truth is , most conservatives have no idea what a true patriot is. They believe hating liberals , Democrats , the current president , gays , feminists , minorities , and anyone who isn’t a rabid supporter of the second amendment , makes them a patriot. These fake patriots are represented by the likes of Ted Nugent , who deliberately soiled himself to avoid the draft. They believe the second amendment gives them the right to overthrow the United States government , and anyone who disagrees with them is a traitor.

  6. Today’s Conservatives are more for the wealthy than the working poor. Conservatives often claim they support the poor , but when it comes to actually doing something to help them , it’s usually the opposite. Republicans in congress voted to cut 39 billion from the food stamp program how house gop would cut food stamps by 39 billion , benefits that millions need just to survive. They often portray welfare and food stamp recipients as lazy moochers , drunks or drug addicts , of getting rich off their benefits , buying expensive things that most of us can’t afford , like brand new cars , while conveniently turning a blind eye to the real welfare queens , multi-billion dollar corporations that receive billions in subsidies each year. They also claim to support the troops , but again , when it comes to actually helping them , that’s not always the case. Republicans in congress have been on record as opposing more than a few bills that would benefit our veterans. Do house Republicans really support the troops? It would seem they are really nothing more than hypocrites.
  7. Today’s Conservatives are anti-Muslim. Since the first election of Barack Obama , there has been a sharp rise in anti-Muslim sentiment , giving way to outright hatred. Conservatives have taken their hatred for the president , and expanded it toward Muslim Americans. After all , many of them still believe Obama is a Muslim who supports Muslim terrorists , so they have no problem believing all Muslims are terrorists.
  8. Today’s Conservatives are anti-education.  For decades , Conservatives have claimed that public schools , and especially colleges , are indoctrination centers for radical communist liberals who are actively brainwashing children into communism , anti-Christianity , evolution , feminism , and same-sex marriage. Conservatives fear educated America. They’re angry that they can no longer enforce their indoctrination of Christianity on Americas youth , so they have launched an all out assault on public education.


If Conservatives really love America , then why do they oppose nearly everything it stands for?


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