Twenty Ridiculous Things Conservatives Would Blame On Obama If They Could … Part 1

Since Obama first set foot in the White House , conservatives have blamed him for everything real and imaginary : The financial collapse of 2008 that happened under Bush ; the so-called IRS scandal ; the Deepwater Horizon oil spill ; Benghazi ; the rise of ISIS ( never mind that the Status OF Forces Agreement signed by Bush stated that American forces must withdraw from Iraq by the end of 2011 ) , the Katrina debacle , gun confiscation , racially dividing America , destroying the economy , 9/11. You name it , chances are it’s Obama’s fault.

Obama haters seldom accept responsibility for their own actions and love to hate and blame Barack Obama and liberals for everything , so I thought I would list some of the most ridiculous things that conservatives could blame on him.

  • Aviary Photo_130981563006739488
    Obama made her do it , just as he made Wikipedia suppress the real history of Paul Revere’s midnight ride! Thanks Obama!

    Bristol Palin’s pregnancies. Sarah Palin knows that her daughter isn’t really responsible for her own pregnancies , just as she knows her son Track isn’t responsible for getting himself arrested while allegedly kicking his girlfriend in the head while drunk , and while holding an assault rifle. The contraception mandate in the Affordable Care Act is , without a doubt , a birth control plot by the Obama administration , which is , apparently , a part of his nefarious plan to reduce the population through Agenda 21. Thanks Obama!

  • Donald Chump’s hair. Is The Donald’s hair for real , or a rug? I don’t know. Sometimes I wonder. There have been so many jokes about it over the years , I wouldn’t be surprised if it suddenly acquired a life of its own. If that ever happened , conservatives would no doubt , blame it on Obama , because liberals have joked about it so often.
  • Sarah Palin’s retelling of the midnight ride of Paul Revere. Anyone who knows their basic American history , knows Paul Revere warned the colonists that the British were coming. Sarah Palin remembers it differently , as if she were there. According to Sarah “I know my history” Palin , Revere actually warned the British that were already there that they would not get their guns. Some of her fans were so convinced of her version of reality that they attempted to alter certain information in the Paul Revere Wiki page. But the page administrators corrected the alterations , which was probably a plot by Obama to suppress the truth. The more I think about it , the more it begins to make sense.
  • Victoria Jackson’s detachment from reality. It’s no secret that Victoria Jackson is insane. Some believe her crazy performance is actually an act. But , I’m not so sure. Since leaving Saturday Night Live , she’s become a Tea Party activist , blogger , and a political expert , convinced Obama is not only a communist , and a Muslim , but a gay Muslim who will destroy America and hand it over to his buddies in the Muslim Brotherhood. She’s also convinced herself , and her devout readers and fans , who are just as insane as she is , that Obama’s mole , his evil conjoined twin – whose name is Julio – is the Ant-Christ ; that he wants to eat Americas kids ; he’s a ruthless dictator who rules with his Magic Pen ; Mickey Mouse , Donald Duck , Acorn , the homeless , illegal immigrants , and the walking dead ( not the TV series , but the real walking dead ) helped him steal the elections , and that Julio made him do it. It was all his fault , but Barack will still get the blame. And apparently , he’s to blame for Victoria’s ODS.
  • Aviary Photo_130981566766972751
    Stacy Dash , Fox News’s political expert.

    Stacy Dash’s numerous lapses of reality. Another clueless celebrity who suffers from Obama Derangement Syndrome. Dash , washed up actress turned political pundit , seems to put her foot in her mouth every time she opens it. She’s denied racism in the Tea Party , claimed the Republican Party endorses same-sex marriage ( despite the fact they’ve thrown temper tantrums over it , calling down the wrath of the Almighty ) , there were no be-headings under Bush , claims Obama is solely responsible for racial division , and more recently , accused the president of not giving a shit about Islamic terrorism – even though he’s bombed the shit out of ISIS , and Al-Qaeda. I could go on and on with this dimwit , but writing about people this dense , is exhausting.

    Conservatives live in their own reality where everything is always Obama’s fault.


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