How To Spot A Communist Liberal – Part 10

Aviary Photo_1310669354475787481 )  They don’t believe that Obama and liberals are destroying America.

2 )  They don’t believe Obama recently shredded the constitution in a salad , and fed it to his family , and his friends the communist Democrats.

3 )  They don’t believe Obama is the worst president ever.

4 )  They don’t believe that Donald Trump is making America great again.

5 )  They believe Ben Carson is an idiot savant.

6 )  They don’t believe Planned Parenthood are baby killers.

7 )  They believe in gun free zones.

8 )  They believe that God is really a Flying Spaghetti Monster.

9 )  They don’t believe that all liberals , and progressives are communists and fascists.

10 ) They don’t believe all liberals , progressives ,  communists , and Barack Obama are  ‘Godless’ and are constantly attacking our religious freedom , our freedom of speech , and our right to discriminate against gays , Muslims , and atheists.

If your friends adhere to any of the above , then they are definitely communist liberals in need of immediate mental help.


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