My Response To Dana Loesch’s Ridiculous , Pathetic , Hypocritical , ‘Godless Left’ Rant


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You should be mocked. You are cowards. You are shameless.

You and your fellow gun nuts clearly have no intention of doing anything , other than offering empty prayers. But the time for prayer has past. It’s time to do something meaningful. Innocent children are being slaughtered , and yet you people just don’t seem to give a damn. You are ghouls.

Here’s a suggestion. How about you and your fellow gun nuts stop fellating Wayne LaPew and the NRA , and admit that simply praying isn’t going to fix it. You are the ones with blood on your hands , not the ‘Godless Left’ as you like to call liberals , many , many of whom , by the way , also own guns , and also believe in God , and actually want to do something , instead of ignoring the problem , hoping , somehow , that it will go away.

As Politicus recently reported , “Senate Republicans have now laughably put themselves on record as supporting the right of suspected terrorists to legally purchase weapons in the U.S..” Is that also the fault of the Godless Left? And you have the nerve to say that they are the ones who are walking hand in hand with terrorists. Do you know the meaning irony? Apparently you don’t.

I’m sure the families that lost loved ones  in San Bernardino , will be happy to know that the NRA has done everything they can to convince themselves that they  share no culpability with their  rhetoric.

Here’s another suggestion. Why don’t you NRA gun nuts grow some balls and admit that praying won’t make this problem go away. Because those who don’t share your unhealthy obsession with firearms , are sick and tired of the empty platitudes , and the smug , self-righteous BS.

So , you’re tired of people attacking the NRA? Well , that’s just too God damn bad. They deserve to be attacked. With their dangerous propaganda , they  continue to contribute to gun violence by feeding the fears of people like you , who are terrified that everyone is coming for their property , their way of life , and they need more and more guns to protect themselves.  You , the NRA ( including Wayne LaPew ) and every gun nut , are responsible for the deaths of every human being who has been murdered through gun violence.  The blood of those innocent children massacred at Sandy Hook elementary , are on your hands ; the blood of those nine people murdered by Dylan Roof , are on your hands ; the blood of those two women murdered by John Houser in Louisiana , are on your hands ; the blood of those murdered by Christopher Mercer , in Roseburg , Oregon , are on your hands ( despite the pathetic attempt by the conservative media to blame the ‘Godless Left’ ) ; the blood of those murdered by Jared Loughner , including nine-year old Christina Taylor Green , are on your hands ; and the blood of those murdered by James Holmes , are on your hands. By your unwillingness to do anything about gun violence , by your unwillingness to support any gun safety regulations , other than meaningless prayers , you are just as much to blame as those who murdered them. You are shameless ghouls.

Those who deny that gun violence is a major problem in America ; those who believe that more guns make us safer ; those who believe that more guns are the answer ; those who believe that Obummer is coming for their guns ; those who believe that the ‘Godless left’ are the cause of everything that’s wrong in America ; those who had a chance to do something about gun violence , but refused to do  anything but offer prayer … the blood of victims like these , are on your hands.

Your pathetic attempts to blame the president , Democrats , and the ‘Godless Left’ , are laughable. The majority of Americans don’t buy it. The only ones who are buying your pathetic excuses , are gun nuts like yourself.

It’s insane that we have an organization like the NRA that tells America that more guns are the answer , that more guns will make us safer , that a good guy with a gun will easily stop a bad guy with a gun , and that most gun crimes occur in gun free zones. More guns are not the answer , more guns do not make us safer ,  more often than not , a good guy with a gun will not stop a bad guy with a gun , and zones where guns are allowed , are not a deterrent to gun crimes.

I have a problem with you gun nut whores who suck up to and dry hump the NRA. You are the ones who fail to keep Children safe. If keeping Americas children safe  were your goal , you would get your noses out of the NRA’s – and Wayne LaPew’s – rear end and admit once and for all that there is a problem with gun violence , and that something needs to be done about it. How many more children have to die?

 I won’t hold my breath waiting for an answer. Your second amendment rights and your guns are obviously more precious to you than the lives of innocent children.

Shame on you. You people are pathetic.


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