There Goes My Common Sense : The Clueless Gaffes Of Stacey Dash

Stacey-DashStacey Dash is a conservative actress , well-known for her forgettable  television roles and movies. Her most notable role was  in the idiotic teen flick Clueless , in which she portrayed clueless airhead  Dionne Davenport. She’s also co-starred in episodes of other television series , and some of the worst movies of her career , including , Single Ladies ClubMen , Women , And Dogs , and Nora’s Hair Salon 2 : A Cut Above.

These days , Dash  still seems to be as clueless as the airhead she once portrayed.  As is typical of Obama and liberal bashing conservatives , she tends to speak before thinking , often putting a foot in her mouth with her inflammatory remarks.

Stacey has made plenty of ridiculous statements since becoming a Republican. The following are just a few of her most embarrassing brain farts.

  • Tries to dis Oprah , but fails miserably. In 1955 , fourteen year old black teenager , Emmett Till ,  was abducted from his great uncle’s house and murdered. Apparently , he had supposedly flirted with a twenty-one year old white woman , whose husband owned a local candy store in Money , Mississippi.
    In an August 2013 interview with Anderson Cooper , Oprah drew a parallel between the murder of Emmett Till , and the murder of Trayvon Martin. Conservatives lost their minds , branding Oprah a race baiter for daring to compare the two. Stacey’s reaction was to quote Malcolm X on Twitter : “If you are not careful , the newspapers will have you hating the oppressed  , and loving those who are doing the oppressing.” Which is ironic , since this has been a common tactic of Fox News and the rest of the conservative media – blaming the victim whenever possible , and portraying the oppressor as the victim.  An example of this , was their coverage of the Trayvon Martin shooting , portraying him as a thug who deserved to be shot , while claiming that George Zimmerman was the real victim.  But , Stacey , living up to her clueless reputation , apparently isn’t bright enough to see this bit of irony.
    After quoting X  she  shamed Oprah for the comparison. Glen Beck , on his radio show on the Blaze network , said there was absolutely no comparison between the two cases , and that the facts showed that race had nothing to do with the murder of Trayvon Martin. He also said Oprah disgusted him for telling everyone that white people are the problem. Apparently , Glen , who often disregards facts , also isn’t bright enough to see the connection between the two cases. But a six-year-old who knows the basics of both cases , can see the connection : two black teenagers murdered because they were “colored”. One , because he dared to flirt with a white woman. The other because he wore a hoodie and looked suspicious. And in both cases , the murderers were aquitted. Which was not the case with the five blacks who sexually assaulted and murdered Christopher Newsom , and Channon Christian of Knoxville Tennessee , on the night of January 6 , 2007. They are all in prison. Shame on you , Stacey , and Glen , for denying that race played no part in the murder of Trayvon Martin.
  • The Republican  Party endorses same-sex marriage. Asked by TMZ if they could attract a younger audience if the Republican Party changed their stance on same-sex marriage , Dash ridiculously claimed that it was nothing more than propaganda to claim that they don’t support marriage equality. Apparently , Stacey hasn’t been paying attention to what’s been happening in her own party. Conservative politicians and their constituents have been foaming at the mouth over the recent ruling by the Supreme Court regarding the issue , calling down the wrath of God on America if the Godless communist liberals are allowed to destroy the sacred union of marriage between a man and a woman. These people are obsessed with the private lives of others. The thought of two men , or two women , loving one another  terrifies them so much  that they are willing to do everything they can to deny these basic rights to others , simply because it’s against their religion. Many of these people fancy themselves to be members of the new Civil Rights movement , while denying women ,  gays ,  minorities , and the poor of their basic civil rights. Irony has no meaning to these people.
  • No Americans had been beheaded under Bush. January 23 , 2002 , Daniel Pearl , a Wall Street Journal reporter was in Karachi , Pakistan , to look into alleged ties between the “shoe bomber” Richard Reid , and Al-Qaeda. On his way to a meeting , he was kidnapped by Pakistani militants. His captors demanded the release of Muslim terrorist prisoners from captivity. More than a week later , Pearl was decapitated on video.
    On an April 2015 episode of Fox’s Outnumbered , Dash said that Bush didn’t care if no one liked him , but he did want to be respected , and then went on to say that no one had been beheaded under his presidency. This statement was in reference to George Bush speaking at The Jewish Republicans Coalition meeting in Vegas , criticizing Obama’s Iran anti-nuclear policy.
    Several others besides Pearl were beheaded on video under Bush. Either Stacey just wasn’t aware of that fact , or she truly is clueless. I have no problem believing she’s clueless.
  • Bad girls just want to have fun , and like to get raped. During a January , 2015 episode of Outnumbered , Dash once again put her foot in her mouth. Earlier that month University Of Virginia sororities were forbidden to attend Fraternity Bid Night parties , because of recent allegations of rape. While some condemned the ban as sexist , others believed it was reasonable , such as Stacey Dash and the folks at Fox News’ Outnumbered. According to Dash , it was a good thing for the ‘good girls’ to stay home and avoid getting assaulted , while the bad girls like to go out and get hurt , and then blame the alcohol. Republicans like Stacey believe liberals blame alcohol for rape , as they blame guns for gun violence. But in the real world , the rapist is responsible for rape , and the person with the gun is responsible for the crime.
  • Attacks Hillary Clinton for her criticism of Republican treatment of women. August 27 , 2015 , speaking in Cleveland , Ohio , former Senator and Secretary Of State , Hillary Clinton , rightly blasted Republicans for their Neanderthal treatment of women regarding abortion , comparing them to terrorists. It came on the heels of several Republican presidential candidates who have promised to ban abortion with no exceptions. She said it should be expected from terrorist groups , and people who refuse to live in the real world , but not from candidates who hope to one day be president.
    The Republican response was the usual self-righteous and holier than thou nonsense. Former FLA governor Jeb Bush tweeted that pro-lifers are unfairly compared to terrorists ( as opposed to Republicans comparing the president to Hitler over Obama Care , and executive action?  Which is perfectly acceptable to them , but how dare Clinton do the same! ) but despicably defends Planned Parenthood. Carly Fiorina’s response was equally ironic and pathetic , accusing Clinton of playing a phony ‘war on women’ card ( as opposed to the Liberal ‘war on Christmas’ which is very real? ).
    Stacey Dash’s response on Fox’s Outnumbered , was even more pathetic. She called Clinton reprehensible , and said she had no right to speak for women. But , apparently Stacey can since she’s a Republican , as everyone knows they really care about the health and welfare of women. The things they’ve said about women and rape , that whole opposition to abortion thing , it’s really just liberal propaganda.
  • Whines about the Tea Party being accused of racism. During an October 7 , 2013 interview with Al Sharpton on MSNBC , Representative Alan Grayson compared certain Tea Party groups to the Klu Klux Klan. This set off a self-righteous firestorm of criticism from the right condemning Grayson. One such condemnation came from Jennifer Burke , National Outreach Director of Tea – who herself is a black American – calling the comparison offensive hate speech , no better than Democrats routinely referring to Republicans as racists ( though , apparently it’s no big deal that Republicans often refer to Democrats and Liberals as racists , Fascists , communists , and traitors ).  Dash’s response on Twitter was to accuse Grayson of doing the same , and asked for specific examples. Stacey , who is a living example of her character in the movie , Clueless , is apparently too lazy to do a little research. If she did , she would find plenty of examples of racism in the Tea Party. Here are some of those specific examples that she asked for.Aviary Photo_130953212649973135Aviary Photo_130953212243275197Aviary Photo_130953211420052343Tea Party Republicans will often point out that they have a few black members in most chapters , as if that is indisputable proof of a lack of evidence of racism , while at the same time insisting that all Liberals and Democrats are racists. If that’s a legitimate excuse , then Democrats , and Liberals cannot be racists , since both are made up of a diverse background. The same cannot be said of the Tea Party.
  • Blames Obama for Dividing America. When Obama was elected president in 2008 , race relations worsened. But it wasn’t due to the fact that the nations first president was a communist , or a Muslim , or a racist – he has not been proven to be any of them. It was due to the fact that he was bi-racial , and had a middle eastern name – Hussein. With that name alone , it was assumed that he was a closet Muslim. He was accused of being a foreigner , born in Kenya , a communist , gay , a Muslim terrorist , and a Nazi dictator , worse than Hitler , even though he was born in the United States , is married to a woman , and has executed no one for opposing him. Some dictator.
    In a 2013 episode of Hannity , Stacey Dash once again lived up to her reputation as a clueless egghead. She told Hannity that she voted for Obama because he was black , and hoped that he would be the one who could do the job , to unite the country in such a profound way , but unfortunately it was impossible because he turned out to be a black Muslim , communist , Nazi dictator who just wanted to ruin American economically , spiritually , and racially. In other words , it was all Obama’s fault. Republicans in Congress had nothing to do with it ; birthers had nothing to do with it ; the conservative media – Fox News , The Blaze network , Rush Limbaugh – had nothing to do with it ; the entire conservative blogosphere had nothing to do with it. It was all Obama’s fault. He single-handedly divided America. Thanks Obama.

Someone should let Stacey know that she should stick to doing movies , and television , even though anything she does is at risk of putting her viewers to sleep.


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