I’m Not Racist … I Just Don’t Like Obummer’s Policies

Aviary Photo_130941895203245394
Tea Party republicans proudly displaying the race card since 2009.

It’s no secret that some people hate Barack Obama with a passion.

They hate him because he’s a socialist.

They hate him because he’s a communist.

They hate him because he’s a Nazi dictator who rules like a tyrant with his magic pen and executive action.

They hate him because he hates America , and proves it by “shredding” the constitution.

They hate him because he’s a foreigner.

They hate him because he’s gay.

They hate him because he’s a Muslim , who sides with Muslim terrorists , and refuses to call Islamic terrorists extremists , even though he has done so many times.

They hate him because Acorn , Mickey Mouse , Donald Duck , illegal immigrants , and the walking dead – all of them obvious liberals and progressives –  helped him steal the elections so he could weasel his way into the White House – twice.  Ask any typical Tea Party  , gun loving , self-proclaimed  patriot who consider themselves experts on freedom and liberty , and they will gladly enlighten you that liberals in general – who are Barack Obama’s mindless drones – are hell-bent on destroying America , because it’s in their nature as communists.

But they don’t hate him because he’s bi-racial , and has a Muslim name. Everyone knows that’s just totally bogus.

What they won’t tell you , is that none of this is true. They live in their own fantasy world , where fact is fantasy and fantasy is reality. What they want to be real , and what actually is real , is not the same. Aviary Photo_130941885853258422

Since Obama became president , he has been falsely accused of all of the above :

  • He’s a socialist/Communist. No matter how many times an uninformed idiot person says it , doesn’t make it true. These fools watch Fox News , Glen Beck , listen to Rush Limbaugh , and believe everything they hear as if it were the gospel truth , instead of the rantings of other idiots uninformed persons. Those who casually throw these words at Obama , democrats , and liberals in general , have very little understanding of what they mean. Since the primaries of 2008 , conservatives have been screaming that he’s a socialist. They have many arguments that supposedly prove that Obama is a communist. 
    In his YouTube video , Joseph Farah ,  editor of the wacko ultra conservative news site , World Nut Daily , gives nineteen ridiculous , laughable reasons why he believes the president is a socialist/communist. They are as follows.
  • 1) He was raised a communist. This is pure nonsense. Obama haters will make up anything , no matter how ridiculous it is. The fact that he knew Frank Marshall Davis , does not make him a socialist.  2) His mother , Ann Dunham , dabbled in socialist activities. If being an anthropologist , and working in human and women’s rights is dabbling in socialist activities , God help us. 3) He read Karl Marx. Reading Karl Marx does not necessarily make anyone a communist. 4) He believes in wealth distribution. During the 2008 primaries , the Romney/Ryan campaign got a hold of an edited , fifteen second video in which Obama apparently said he believed in wealth distribution. However , as it turned out , he was actually talking about making government services more efficient through innovation and competition in the market place. But as is typical of conservative media , including bloggers who have little regard for truth or fact , they seized on the words “wealth distribution” ,  trumpeting  the headline : “Obama Believes In Wealth Distribution!” To them , this is absolute proof that he’s a socialist. For years  , Obama hating conservatives have complained that their tax dollars have been used to pay for “Obama Care” , and are outraged that poor Americans  benefit from social safety programs such as welfare and food stamps – viewing them as lazy moochers – and yet are not outraged that many of the largest , most profitable corporations ( who are the true moochers ) receive millions each year in their own welfare , through subsidies , and tax breaks , all at the expense of the American tax payer. But that doesn’t bother them. Needy Americans getting the assistance they need , does. These people are completely devoid of any compassion.  5) He was associated with Acorn , and Acorn employees were all avowed communists. Acorn – Association Of Community Organizations For Reform Now – was a community organization that helped in matters of health care , voting registration , and other social issues. When Barack Obama became president , his background with them was called into question by the conservative media. There were false accusations that he used Acorn to rig the elections in his favor , because God knows a black man with a middle eastern name can’t win an election fairly without cheating. To conservatives  , anyone who is a community organizer , is an obvious communist , including Mickey Mouse , Donald Duck , the hundreds of thousands of homeless , the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants , and the hundreds of thousands of the walking dead – not the TV show – that Obama raised from the dead with his  voodoo witch doctor abilities that he learned in Kenya , because they all helped him steal the elections. 6) He palled around with his mentors , Bill Ayers , and Frank Marshall Davis. Apparently , to Sarah Palin , and anyone who despises the president  , when he was about eight years old , he ran around with members of the Weather Underground , helping them plant bombs and killing people. The truth is , no one has been able to prove a close connection to Ayers ,  and whether Frank Marshall Davis was actually a communist , is debatable. 7) He associated with Jeremiah Wright. Prior to the 2008 elections , Barack Obama came under fire for his association with the pastor from Trinity Church Of Christ in Chicago. In some of his past sermons , the reverend condemned the U.S. government for its past treatment of Native Americans , Japanese Americans , black Americans , and its involvement in the Iraq war , and that we are to blame for 9/11 , because of our actions in the middle east. When the conservative media brought these statements to public awareness , racists all across America blew their tops. To conservatives who believe that everything wrong in America , and the world is the fault of liberals and progressives ( who are basically nothing more than communists ) , anyone who criticizes America’s imperialism under a republican president , are traitors. Obama was immediately branded a communist , and a racist , simply by guilt of association. The conservative reaction to this so-called controversy proves how racist white America is. 8) He promotes an open border agenda. Immigration is another area where white conservatives often display their racism. Whether it’s Mexicans , or Muslims , conservatives have been falsely claiming  that illegals are stealing their jobs , and collecting food stamps and welfare. They seem to care more about illegals taking advantage of the system , but show no concern for the wealthy taking advantage of the lower classes. The hypocrisy and the utter lack of compassion is astounding. 9) He’s radically reduced the size of the military. This is a common theme on conservative blogs where truth and fact seldom go hand in hand. The notion that he is reducing or attempting to destroy the most powerful military on the face of the Earth because he’s a socialist communist , so he can destroy it from within , is laughable. 10) He supports a progressive tax increase. In Farah’s mind , anyone who believes the wealthy should pay their fair share of taxes is a communist. 11) He supports labor unions. Conservatives who support corporations and corporate welfare , have been vilifying and demonizing labor unions as un-American and those who support them as communists. Labor unions were created to protect the rights of employees from abuse and exploitation. Apparently , conservatives care more about corporations as people , than actual people. 12) He taught a class on Alinsky , not constitutional law. Barack Obama taught a class on constitutional law. Even if he did teach about Alinsky’s methods of community organizing , it does not make him a socialist. Alinsky himself was not a communist. 13) He endorsed Bernie Sanders. As far as I know , he has not endorsed Sanders for president , but he did support Sander’s amendment to overturn Citizens United. How this makes him a communist , I don’t know. 14) He was endorsed by the communists party. Whether he was endorsed by the communist party or not , again , does not make him a communist. 15) He believes in individual salvation. Obama has stated on many occasions that he is a Christian who believes in the salvation of Christ. 16) Has appointed an unprecedented number of Czars. This is one of  the most ridiculous arguments I’ve heard so far , right up there with #17. Bush had Czars , and Czars is just a word. How it proves someone is a communist , again , I fail to see the connection. 17) He’s a Manchurian candidate. I won’t even get into this one , it’s so ridiculous. 18) Believes everyone has a right to health care. Anyone who doesn’t believe that every human being has a right to health care , should seriously question their humanity. 19) Believes everyone has an inherent right to adequate housing. Again , anyone who does not believe that every human being has the right to shelter , should question their humanity. 
  • He’s a Nazi. For years now , conservatives have been complaining that the president is worse than Hitler , Pol Pot , Mussolini , and every tyrant and dictator in world history – all because of the Affordable Care Act ,  executive action , and because he supports same-sex marriage , and a woman’s right to have an abortion. Ironically , Obama hating conservatives wish to repeal the Affordable Care Act , same-sex marriage , and Roe vs Wade. And they refer to liberals as Nazis!
  • He’s a foreigner. Long before Obama became president , the birther movement was in full swing. There was a big brouhaha in the conservative media that Obama was really born in Kenya. Idiots all over America jumped on the bandwagon and to this day , many of them are still riding it.
  • He’s Gay. Between November 3 and November 8 , 1999 , then senior lecturer at Chicago  School Of Law , Barack Obama , supposedly had sex and used drugs with a nobody named Larry Sinclair. According to Sinclair , he met Obama outside a bar in Chicago , and over the next several days , engaged in sex and drugs in a limousine and in a motel room. Prior to the 2008 election , Sinclair came forward with his dubious tale as an obvious attempt to smear Obama , sparking controversy and endless fodder for the conservative media , and the countless , mindless drones  they pander to.
  • He’s a Muslim. He’s soft on terrorism , especially Muslim jihadists , because he’s obviously working for the Muslim Brotherhood , ISSIS , and every other terrorist group from the middle east. Another ridiculous claim. The only reason they believe he’s a Muslim , is because of his name , Barack Hussein Obama.

 For six years , Obama haters have accused liberals of playing the race card , as a means of deflecting any accusations of racism , while ignoring the fact that they themselves have been playing it all along.

Their hypocrisy eludes them.


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