Republicans Have Class : They Don’t Point Fingers , Unlike Liberals Who Are Rude , Racist And Intolerant And It’s All Because Of Obama

“I don’t care if you’re a republican , or a democrat getting crucified for the way you think or believe. If it’s not hurting anyone , it’s un-American.”      Republicans conveniently ignore their own hypocrisy , while accusing  liberals of doing the same. To them , criticizing Obama and liberals , is patriotism. When liberals criticize a republican president , it’s un-American.



Angie Harmon is a conservative actress. She’s starred in several forgettable movies and television roles since she began her  acting career in the mid to late 1990s. Her first acting role was in an episode of the television series , Renegade , with Lorenzo Lamas. She later co-starred with David Hasselhoff in Baywatch Nights , which was a spin-off the popular television series.

From 1998 to 2001 , she co-starred in the long running Law And Order , which was finally cancelled in 2010 , but unfortunately several spin offs are still putting viewers to sleep. These days she plays a detective in the equally forgettable television series , Rizzoli And Isles , which has also been known to cause deep states of catatonia.

George Bush , The Cowboy president - aka John Wayne. Kept Americans safe , even as thousands died on 9/11 , and the two wars that followed.
George Bush , The Cowboy president – aka John Wayne – giving his post 9/11 speech that moved gullible republicans to tears. Kept Americans safe , even as thousands died on 9/11 , and the two wars that followed.

As a conservative ,  Angie believed George Bush was a wonderful president , and said so when she spoke in support of him at the Republican National Convention , when she referred to him as a leader working to build a safer world , and a hopeful America. This , in the midst of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars when Americans were dying in a country that had nothing to do with 9/11. Wars that proceeded to destabilize the middle east ( leading to the emergence of ISSIS ) the embarrassing scandal of Abu Graib , and drowning the U.S. economy in debt , leading to the financial collapse of 2007/2008.

If these are examples of making the world safer , and providing hope for a future America , no wonder conservatives have no grasp of irony.

She belongs to a group of elite Hollywood actors who see themselves as vastly outnumbered , helpless victims of a massive communist liberal conspiracy that controls and encompasses not only the news and entertainment media , but every aspect of American life. They suffer from a persecution complex. They view themselves as victims of not only liberals , but atheists , and gays , who they fear will soon imprison them for opposing same-sex marriage , and for expressing their religious beliefs. They live in an alternate reality where they imagine themselves blacklisted and persecuted for criticizing their opponents – liberals , and Obama – as it was during the 1950’s  anti-communist hysteria , started by the John Birchers , when liberal actors , writers , musicians , and political activists were accused by republicans of being communists , and actually were blacklisted. The Dixie Chicks controversy was a perfect example of republican hypocrisy.

Aviary Photo_130934998449949521March 10 , 2003 , during a concert in London , several days prior to the start of the Iraq war , Natalie Maines voiced her frustration with the Bush administration. She told the crowd that they did not support the war , and that she was embarrassed that Bush was from her home state of Texas. Republicans all over America lost their minds. The conservative media  labeled them as traitors , un-patriotic , and un-American. Radio stations refused to play their music , and many of their own fans turned against them. These days , prominent conservative actors , politicians , writers , commentators , and musicians  have said worse things against liberals and Obama , but none of them have been blacklisted. Ted Nugent is one of many examples that comes to mind. At a 2007 concert he referred to Obama as a POS , and in a later interview , a sub-human mongrel. Other than a visit from the Secret Service , he was neither blacklisted , nor boycotted.

The double standards in the previous examples couldn’t be more clear. When liberals oppose war and unnecessary violence , they’re traitors , un-American , unpatriotic. When conservatives in congress undermine international diplomacy , call the president a communist , a Muslim who sides with Muslim terrorists , accuse him of hating America , and attempting to destroy it , the conservative media calls them patriots. The irony couldn’t be more obvious , but they seem completely incapable of grasping the parallels. They bitch and moan about double standards , but ignore their own hypocrisy , as if only liberals are capable of being hypocrites.

A fine example of republican class. Refers to the current president as a POS , a sub-human mongrel , a communist , and a traitor. Gets invited to the State Of The Union Address. To the conservative media he's a patriot.
A fine example of republican class. Refers to the current president as a POS , a sub-human mongrel , a communist , and a traitor. Gets invited to the State Of The Union Address. To the conservative media he’s a patriot.

In March of 2009 , Harmon gave an interview to Fox News , complaining that people were labeling her a racist for disagreeing with the president. The entire conservative media  salivated like Pavlov’s dog that a republican actress had voiced her dissatisfaction with Obama. Every conservative , Obama hating news site proudly displayed that  Angie Harmon “Is Not A Racist Because She Disagrees With Obama.” It was a day for joyous celebration all over the conservative blogosphere  the likes of which no true patriotic , Tea Party , gun toting , Obama hating American had ever seen. They raised their tea glasses and beer mugs in tribute to  a brave republican actress who had been bullied by liberals throughout her acting career , and was now taking a brave stand against the Muslim communist in the White House. Like any republican with a preconceived notion that the president was a socialist communist , and a Muslim , she felt he wasn’t doing enough to heal the economy , and create jobs.  Apparently , all he had to do was wave his Magic Pen and fix everything in his first two months in office. After all , he is Barack The Magic Negro.

Like so many republican actors who were being regularly blacklisted by liberal Hollywood , Angie couldn’t find a single job , had to sell everything she had , just to survive , and dressed herself and her children in sack cloth.

Aviary Photo_130934938423555556
Two more fine examples of republican class.

In the same Fox interview , she claimed that republicans have class and don’t point fingers , unlike liberals , who are rude , intolerant , racist , and bigoted.  She , and every other republican , must have been asleep during the primaries of 2008 , just as they’ve been sleeping the last six years.  Angie , like  any typical , Tea Party , self-proclaimed liberal and Obama hating , patriotic American , are unaware that they  suffer from a condition known as Irony Impairment , the inability to recognize their own hypocrisy and double standards. Here are a few glaring examples :

  • Only liberals are intolerant , and Bigoted. Republicans often claim that liberals are intolerant of their views and beliefs , while simultaneously attacking and opposing  anyone and anything they don’t like , whether it’s Muslims , atheists , gays , programs to help the poor , other religions other than Christianity , or same-sex marriage.
  •  Obama , Sharpton , Jackson , liberals , and anyone black or white who talks about racial injustice ,  are race baiters. This has been a repeated claim by Obama haters for six years. Long before he was elected president , he was portrayed as a socialist , a communist , and a Muslim. All code words for foreigner. The birther nonsense was one the most obvious displays of race baiting. This was brought up during the primaries of 2008 , and was eagerly promoted  by the entire conservative media. Another example of non race baiting by conservatives was the Trayvon Martin case. A young unarmed – or in this case  , if you want to count a bag of skittles as being armed – black teenager was stalked and murdered by George Zimmerman , simply because he looked suspicious. To anyone with a small amount of common sense who remembers Obama’s remarks after Zimmerman’s acquittal , were anything but racial. And yet , the conservative media accused him of race baiting , thus proving that conservatives defending the murder of an unarmed black youth because he was an obvious “thug” who deserved what he got , are not race baiters at all. To them , Liberals , Jesse Jackson , Al Sharpton , and any prominent black  leader  who dares to bring up racial injustices , is a race baiter , while ignoring true racial arsonists like Hannity , Beck , Limbaugh , and Palin.
  • The Mainstream Media is controlled by liberals. This is another favorite topic of complaint among conservatives who live in their own alternate version of reality. Everyone from Beck to Limbaugh to every rabid anti-liberal in America , will tell you how communists have cleverly and cunningly infiltrated the news media. The falsehood that conservatives have no voice in the media has been repeated time and time again , despite the fact that the majority of media is controlled by very conservative corporations , and there are more conservative news publications , websites , television channels , and radio stations than there are liberal. Limbaugh , and Beck are two of the most prominent and most successful broadcasters. Despite having no voice in the media , they have somehow managed to amass a huge following , and a huge fortune.
  • Hollywood republicans are bullied and blacklisted for criticizing liberals. Another complaint that’s just as ridiculous as a liberal controlled media. No republican actor has been blacklisted for opposing or criticizing Obama or liberalism , gays , or anything else. Conservatives who claim this nonsense , will always bring up the Phil Robertson case when he was temporarily suspended by A&E for his insensitive comments about gays , as proof of liberal blacklisting , even though his right to free speech was not violated , as loud mouths like Rush Limbaugh , and Sarah Palin claimed. They obviously don’t remember – or choose to ignore – real instances of blacklisting , such as the anti-communist hysteria of the fifties when many liberals were falsely accused of being communists. See also the Dixie Chicks.
  • Liberals are fascists. This is just as ridiculous as claiming that only liberals are racist. To a typical , Tea Party , Obama hating republican , anyone who calls them out on their intolerance of others , is a fascist , and that includes most liberals , democrats , gays – all of whom they compare to the Nazis – and the president – who they have also compared to a Nazi. Anyone who is seeking to control the lives of others , are the true Nazis , and most of them are republicans.
  • Obama is a communist , out to destroy America. With his flimsy , almost non-existent ties to Saul Alinsky , and Bill Ayers , conservatives were accusing him of being a radical communist long before he won the election of 2008.  According to them , these are just a few of the ways that the constitution is being shredded , and spat upon : Obama has appointed an unusual number of Czars. Undeniable proof that he’s a communist. Never mind that Bush appointed thirty-three , to Obama’s thirty-eight.  He’s a lawless tyrant with his executive orders. Again , it doesn’t matter to conservatives that Bush had more ; he loved America , Obama’s hates it and wants to destroy it. He not only hates America , but the second amendment , and is doing everything he can to destroy the right of every patriotic gun loving American , but exactly how he is doing that is unclear. They’ve been screaming about Obama coming for their guns for years , and they will be screaming about it until the moment he leaves office.  The right to bear arms will still be intact , and not a single gun will have been confiscated. He hates Christians and Christianity. Their ridiculous proof is : 1) He was really born in Kenya. Any good conservative knows that because he was born in an African nation , he must have been raised on voodoo magic , so therefore he cannot be Christian. 2) He sides with Muslims. It’s a known fact. His middle name is Hussein. Proof that he’s a Muslim. 3) He’s allowing schools to teach Islam , his favorite religion – ask Victoria Jackson , she knows all about it. 4) Christians are so persecuted in America that they’re not  allowed to mention Jesus Christ , Christianity ,  God , or Merry Christmas in public without fear of being arrested , imprisoned , or bullied by liberals. It doesn’t matter that the majority of Americans identify as Christians , have their own television shows and channels , openly celebrate Christmas ,  have churches on every street corner , are allowed to pray wherever and whenever they choose , and are given preferential treatment. Somehow they are still an endangered species in America  , and it’s all Obama’s fault.

Just as it’s Obama’s fault that liberals are rude , racist , bigoted , and have no class , and always point fingers.


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