The Financial Collapse , Acorn , Bill Ayers , And Everything Real And Imagined That Is Obama’s Fault

Long before Obama was elected president in November 2008 , the economy had already began its spiral into the toilet. The stock market had crashed , and Wall Street was essentially bankrupt.

On October 3 , George Bush signed into law The Troubled Assets Relief Program that would bail out financial institutions , such as Bank Of America , and Goldman Sachs. Years after the fact , the  conservative media ,  including conservative websites and AM radio  , are still placing  the blame for the crises at the feet of Barack Obama for his connection to Fannie Mae , which supposedly had given him thousands of dollars in campaign contributions ( he actually received donations from employees ). After all , who else’s fault could it have been? The banks? The lending institutions? The Bush administration? Certainly not. It was all Obama’s fault , even though he had nothing to do with it , and had not yet taken office until January 20 , 2009. But because  he was a democrat , he was somehow responsible for the whole mess.

Obama haters are always complaining that he is the worst president in American history , while completely and conveniently ignoring 9/11 , the economic recession of 2008 , the Iraq and Afghanistan wars – that took  the lives of thousands ( and with an estimated cost of four to six trillion ) – the numerous military barracks that were attacked by terrorists , Abu Graib , the Hurricane Katrina scandal  – which also took the lives of thousands ( which some conservatives have blamed on Obama ) – all which occurred during the Bush presidency.

To Obama hating conservatives – and even some liberals – who have a problem with connecting to reality , thousands of deaths pale in comparison to Benghazi – four deaths – and the Affordable Care Act – aka Obama Care – 0 deaths. Obviously , cognitive dissonance has no meaning to these people. To them , Benghazi , and Obama Care are the worst  scandals in American history. Worse than Watergate , worse than 9/11 , and worse than the subsequent wars that followed.  George Bush was a much better president because he kept Americans safe , despite the fact that he ignored the warnings that preceded the 9/11 attack , and did nothing. He was the cowboy president , who stood in the rubble at ground zero ,  shouting into a bullhorn that the terrorists would be hunted with a vengeance. Conservative hearts swelled with pride , and eyes misted with tears. He was John Wayne riding to the rescue. He could do no wrong , not even after he had invaded the wrong country , and needlessly sent thousands of Americans to their deaths.

When it comes to the economy , conservatives – at least those who have a deep hatred of Obama – completely ignore reality. They refuse to acknowledge that the economy is continuing to recover after the financial crisis of 2008. Obama haters often claim that the U.S. economy is worse off now than the last two years of the Bush presidency. To hear them tell it , Obama has completely trashed the economy with the help of his mysterious and sinister communist liberal progressive connections , because he was obviously mentored to destroy America , just as they believe that he was responsible for the financial collapse of 2008.

September 30 , 2008 , the McCain/Palin campaign released an ad attacking the democratic party of failing to pass the Federal Housing Enterprise Regulatory Reform Act that would regulate lenders like Fannie Mae , and Freddie Mac , while accusing Obama of being silent. In other words , the ad was implying that the financial mess was the direct fault of the democrats , Obama , the poor , Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Obviously , Greedy Wall Street businessmen shared no responsibility.

There is  a complete lack of critical thinking when it comes to conservatives , and especially among those who hate the current president. They live in their own universe where facts have little meaning , and their fantasies are reality. Their hatred for Obama is so intense that it’s become a habit of making up the most ridiculous nonsense , and blaming him for everything bad that happens in the world.

Here are a few examples of cognitive dissonance , and irony impairment among those who suffer from Obama Derangement Syndrome :

  • He is solely responsible for the rise of ISIS. His failed policies are the  only reason ISIS exists. Because he pulled the troops out of Iraq , it’s his fault that ISIS is beheading people in the middle east. Never mind that George Bush with his invasion of Iraq , might have played a major role in destabilizing the region. It’s all Obama’s fault. Thanks , Obama!
  • The Affordable Care Act. Otherwise known as Obama Care. Since the moment it was signed into law , the GOP and the conservative media were hyping this as the worst failure of his presidency , with its made up death panels , and other nonsense , promoted by self-proclaimed experts such as Sarah Palin , Rush Limbaugh , and Glen Beck. To this day , the republicans in the GOP are still attempting to repeal it.
  • Acorn , Mickey Mouse , Donald Duck , and other communist progressives helped him steal the elections. During the elections of 2008 and 2012 , Obama haters in the GOP and the conservative media were so convinced that he was involved in some massive  conspiracy to rig the results in his favor. All they were able to prove was that Mickey Mouse , Donald Duck , and the walking dead helped him steal the elections. See Victoria Jackson’s book , How Mickey Mouse , Donald Duck , Acorn , Illegal Immigrants , And The Walking Dead Helped Obama The Weasel Weasel His Way Into The White House.
  • He’s worse than Hitler. If you ask a typical Obama hater to name an example of how he is worse than Hitler , they will predictably mention Obama Care ( see Ben Carson’s statement for further details ). Other examples they will invariably cite are , Obama’s Youth Brigade – or Fema Corp – which obviously is a front for a communist youth army which he plans on unleashing , prior to disarming patriotic gun loving Americans of their weapons , prior to tossing them in Fema camps that have been redesigned as Wal – Mart superstores. He also rules like a lawless tyrant with his assault weapon , his magic pen on executive action. And my personal favorite , he has a nasty habit of “shredding” copies of the constitution in the Oval Office with his beloved shredding machine , because we all know he’s a communist , and hates America. See also , Obama Shreds Constitution , Uses Shavings As Salad Topping , and Proof That Obama Is Worse Than Hitler.
  • He’s the worst president ever. Self proclaimed political experts who had a pre conceived hatred of Obama even before he was elected , have been complaining that he has accomplished nothing good during his presidency. They’re either blind , stupid , or both. What they refer to as Obama Care , doesn’t matter to them. Apparently , thousands of Americans who now have health insurance , who did not have it before due to pre-existing conditions , is an unforgivable sin. The Iran anti-nuke deal is also a sin. In their minds , it’s the same as giving them nuclear weapons. Bush presided over the worst terrorist attack on American soil , the Iraq and Afghanistan wars , the embarrassments that were Abu Graib , hurricane Katrina , and the financial crisis of 2008. But Obama is a worse president because of Obama Care , and Benghazi , which they claim are  worse scandals than 9/11. Bush kept us safe. The irony is lost on them.
  • Bill Ayers was his communist mentor. For seven years , everyone from Sarah Palin , to Glen Beck , to the rest of the conservative media , have been screaming about Obama’s so-called connection to the late sixties former Weather Underground radical , who managed to bomb a few buildings without killing anyone. But , other than a few meetings in the past and a couple of projects they apparently worked on at the same time , nothing damaging has been discovered other than guilt by association. What are they hoping to find? That between the ages of eight and ten , he helped them bomb the capital and other buildings?
  • The liberal war on Christmas. Every year at this time the conservative media trots out their annual fictitious war on Christmas. Among the average liberal and Obama hating conservative who gets all their news from the likes of Fox News , The Blaze , and Rush Limbaugh , Obama and liberals are notorious for hating Christians and anything to do with Christmas. Last year Fox News aired a segment on how Obama had planned to steal Christmas from all the boys and girls of America , and then nuke Santa’s Village to cover it up. But it turned out to be a hoax ( see How Obama The Grinch Stole Christmas ). There was also some brouhaha over the inappropriateness of businesses saying Happy Holidays as opposed to Merry Christmas. This year , conservatives are predictably going bonkers over a red Starbucks cup.
  • Fema Corps is really Obama’s Communist Youth Brigade. Anyone who remembers the absurdity of this past summers Jade Helm hysteria  , find  this just as absurd , or even more so. But nothing can compare to the latest lunacy coming from Infowars. According to Alex Jones , Fema Corps is really an army of genetically engineered infant warriors trained in the martial arts ( see Mutant Ninja Babies , Barack Obama’s Secret Army Of Infant Warriors ).  Patriotic gun loving Americans – at least those who suffer from Obama Derangement Syndrome – are convinced that Obama is still intent on taking everyone’s guns away , and it will undoubtedly happen soon ( see Proof Obama Is Worse Than Hitler , and He’s worse than Hitler ).
  • He’s a chupacabrabama. He’s part chupacabra , and part Obama , with an unusual appetite for chalupas. At least his father was , according to Alex Jones ( see I Was A Chalupacabrabama For The CIA ).
  • He’s a white culture hating racist. According to Glen Beck. Anyone with a moderate amount of common sense , who saw Beck’s Anatomy Of A Racist some years back on his Blaze network , knows he doesn’t have a clue as to what a real racist is. He continuously over looks the fact that he himself is a racist, as are most of his viewing audience. To them , Jesse Jackson , Al Sharpton , and Barack Obama are the true racists for having the audacity to even mention the murders of  “known thugs” like Trayvon Martin , Mike Brown , and any unarmed black youth who has the fortune of getting shot by white law enforcement officers. Again , to Beck and his followers who accuse prominent black leaders of being racists ,  while ignoring their own racism , the irony of this completely eludes them.

 Glen Beck , Rush Limbaugh ,  Fox News , and their viewers , have been culpable in dividing America. The Trayvon Martin case , the Michael Brown case , and the riots in Ferguson , Missouri , are perfect examples of this division , and how the conservative media played a role in that division , and will continue to play a role in that division , until Americas first black president is no longer in the White House.


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