How To Cure OCD ( Obama Compulsive Disorder ) In Three Easy Steps

Do you have a friend , a relative , or a family member who is a liberal? If you do , chances are  they might be a Obama supporter.

Have you often felt frustrated when trying to reason with them?

Have you often felt as if you were talking to a brick wall?

Have you often felt that debating with them is a lost cause?

When you do debate them  do you feel as if you want to blow your brains out from the sheer frustration of having to deal with them?

How you often felt that if you spend too much time in their presence that their stupidty would rub off on you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions , then I would like to tell you about a new program I came up with. It’s specially designed to benefit those who have been brainwashed by Barack Obama and the liberal media.

My younger sister  had been a democrat all of her life , much to the chagrin of my parents , who have always been life long republicans. She voted for Bill Clinton in ’92 and Hillary in  ’08. Like many Clinton supporters , she believed the Clinton’s could do no wrong. When my parents found out that she had voted for Clinton , my Father went ballistic.

My Father is your typical Archie Bunker. He voted for both Nixon and Reagan.  When Watergate broke , he believed Nixon had been set up by the democrats. He believed the same about Reagan after he had been caught selling weapons to Iran. He despises democrats and liberals – liberalcrats as he often calls them – and those who would dare support them. Mother , while a conservative , is much like Edith Bunker , content to sit on the side lines , afraid that if she disagreed dad would humiliate her as he often did with my sister.  And while never quite as extreme in her support of the party , mom certainly has had her moments.

“How could you vote for that jackass?!” dad complained.  “Don’t you know the Clinton’s are communists? Not to mention crooks? Don’t you know about all the people they’ve had murdered? Anyone who would vote for him should have their head examined!”

Instead of engaging him in an argument , my sister would just shake her head like she always did when her and dad disagreed on something , and there was no hope of convincing him otherwise.

When he found out she had voted for Clinton again in ’96 , he said the exact same thing , and again my sister shook her head. After the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke , during the impeachment proceedings , he asked ,”What do you think of the jackass now? Still think he’s a saint?”

My sisters response was ,”I never said he was a saint. He’s a human being. All human beings have their flaws.”

“He’s a communist , and a crook!” dad shot back. “And now we’re finding out what a pervert he is!”

When she voted for Obama in ’08 , again dad blew his top.

“What the hell is wrong with you?!” he shouted. “Don’t you know that jackass is a communist?”

“He’s not a communist , dad ,” she told him.

“Oh yeah? His father was a communist , his mother was a communist. His brother was a communist. His grandparents were communists. He was good buddies with Saul Alinsky and Bill Ayers , and both of them were commie pinkos. So , in my book that makes him a communist.”

“Whatever , dad. Believe what you want ,” She told him and walked away.

As a conservative , even I had to admit that our Father could be unreasonable more than occasionally. Even I disagreed with him quite often , especially when it came to politics , but I never dared disagree to his face. However , in this particular case , he was far from unreasonable. Barack Obama was indeed a communist , and after his election it was becoming apparent that he was more than a communist whose goal it was to destroy America from within. We were finding out that he was a Muslim , gay , a Nazi tyrant , and a Muslim terrorist lover.

It was apparent to everyone who knew the truth about him. But some people didn’t want to know the truth. They wanted to believe the lies they were told , because it was easier than believing the truth. And one of those who believed the lies , was my sister. She went to several Obama rallies , mindlessly chanting ‘Obama’ like a hypnotized zombie , like all of his supporters do. She wore lapel pins that said ‘I love Obama’ or some such nonsense. She watched all the liberal news shows , spouting the same liberal nonsense. There were times we argued non stop about politics. No matter how hard dad and I tried to tell her that she had been brainwashed by Obama and liberals , and that they were communists who wanted to take over and destroy America , she wouldn’t listen. She accused us of being brainwashed.

Well , finally it got to the point that I realized I would never convince her otherwise , at least as far as arguing went. She was obviously suffering from OCD , what a friend of mine once referred  to as  Obama Compulsive Disorder. Much like Obsessive Compulsive Disorder , he explained , Obama supporters often feel compelled to repeat absurd nonsense and rituals , much of it pertaining to Barack Obama himself. For example , raising their hands in the air and praising him for saving America from the evil Nazi George Bush , and repeating the same nonsense over and over like a mantra : ‘he’s a better president than  Bush’ ; ‘he saved the economy’ ; ‘he got rid of Osama Bin laden’ ; ‘he reduced the deficit’; ‘he lowered taxes’ ; ‘unemployment is way down’. You get the picture.  So , one day I came up with a program that I developed, and I would like to share it with you if you happen to have friends or relatives who you have written off as hopeless Obama drones.

Politics is a lot like religion. Those who know what they’re talking about , and those who don’t know what they’re talking about. And believe me , most of the time liberals don’t know what they are talking about. In other words , those who refuse to hear truth and fact , and continue to live in their own version of reality. Which is where Obama supporters live 24/7.

There are several different ways to counter this disturbing obsession. Here are the three methods that I came up with for my program. You may discover other methods that work best for you.

maxresdefault (8)
A healthy dose of Fox News will easily counter liberal brainwashing.

Step 1 : The first thing to remember before implementing this particular program , or a similar one of your own , is that Obama Compulsive Disorder is very similar to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Those who suffer from Obama Compulsive Disorder , have been brainwashed or programmed by the lame stream – aka the liberal – media , which is nothing short of a cult , much like any other religion besides Christianity , is a cult. With that in mind , choose your first step. I chose Fox News. The reason I chose Fox News is that it is the most trusted source of news in America , and the most accurate. They never lie. The liberal media has tried repeatedly to discredit them and has failed miserably every time.

 The second thing to remember is that those who are suffering from Obama Compulsive Disorder , are not aware that they are suffering. They may be uncooperative , or become violent. Like all victims who have been programmed by cults , they are not aware of their actions , and cannot be held accountable for their behavior. They should be isolated , away from children and pets , as they may try to eat them. They are communists after all , and we know communists love eating kids and pets. If they absolutely cannot be isolated , they should be put into a straight jacket , which makes a lot of sense , since they are obviously insane for voting for Obama.

 If you cannot get a straight jacket , then rope and a chair will do just fine. Before turning on the television , just make sure you prop their eye lids open with a pair of clothes pins to prevent them from falling asleep. It might also help to  muzzle the subject , as Obama zombies are often loud and will most likely attempt to  bite – they are mindless zombies after all – or repeat insane prayers or phrases such as , ‘Obama is my God’ , ‘Obama is my lord and savior’ ,  ‘Obama is the messiah’ , or ‘Lord Obama , deliver me from this evil!’ … you get the gist.

A) If you choose not to muzzle the subject and they do start reciting prayers to Obama  , counter them with phrases such as , Obama is a communist , Obama is a Muslim , Obama is gay , Obama is a gay Muslim , Obama is a terrorist , Obama hates Christians , Obama hates white people. Keep repeating them as loud and as long as the subject is praying to Obama.

Glen Beck and his chalk board. Another impeccable source to fight the communist liberal progressive , Muslim , LGBT scourge.

Step 2) Glen Beck. Everyone knows what a colorful character Glen Beck is. Liberals love to laugh at him and ridicule him for his theories about Muslims and communists. But well-informed conservatives knows that Glen Beck is probably the most intelligent person in America , especially when it comes to Obama and politics. Several years back – with the help of his chalk board – he came up with his popular prediction of the Muslim Brotherhoods evil plot to take over the entire middle east , Israel ,  and the entire world , and turn them all into a caliphate. Since then , it has become a reality , but that hasn’t stopped the communist liberal progressives from laughing at him.

He also predicted – again with his chalk board – how the communists – along with the Muslim Brotherhood , and the LGBT , who are Nazis ( see Scott Lively’s book Pink Swastika ) – have been infiltrating every institution in America since Obama was elected president. They have infiltrated local and state governments , the media , Hollywood , and public and private schools , turning our kids  into communists , Muslims and gays. Glen , who used to work for Fox News , was fired because they were obviously pressured by the liberal media to suppress the truth. Not long after that , he started his own network , The Blaze , where he continues to expose the truth – his networks by line , by the way , is Truth Lives Here , so that right there should convince you of his credibility – about Obama , the liberal media , communists , and gays. You can find several videos of Glen Beck and his chalk board at YouTube. I suggest showing as many of these  videos as possible.

If your subject becomes agitated , repeat step 1A.

untitled (203)
Victoria Jackson. When combined with the previous two , what do you get? The Right Stuff.

Step 3 ) Victoria Jackson. What can I say about Victoria Jackson that hasn’t already been said – at least by conservatives? Victoria Jackson is an even more colorful character than Glen Beck. Liberals – and even some conservatives – believe she is even crazier than Glen Beck. Whether you love her or hate her , you have to admit that she certainly is quite an entertainer. She played the typical ditzy blond on Saturday Night Live in the late eighties and early nineties. These days she hosts her own blog , Victoria , and is an occasional host of Politichicks , an online conservative news source. Recently she produced a couple of videos , There’s A Muslim In The White House , and There’s A Communist In The White House. She’s  also written a series of books which may be helpful. Barack’s Magic Pen – which exposes Obama’s tyrannical disregard for the constitution – To Serve Obama – exposing Michelle’s evil plot to cook and serve Americas children to Obama –  and Victoria Jackson Discovers Obama’s Mole Is Really His Conjoined Evil Twin – how Obama’s brother , Julio plans to take over America and turn it into a communist hell hole.

I suggest showing the subject the videos first , and then reading select passages from the aforementioned books. This should be enough to drive any communist liberal progressive crazy enough to drive them back to the right side. And by the right side , I mean The Right Side.

By following these three simple steps , you can help a friend , relative , or a family member overcome Obama Compulsive Disorder , just as I did , and save your family , friends , and relatives from Barack Obama’s evil influence.


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