My Obama / OCD Connection

Aviary Photo_131082683759991514Anne-Marie Murrell is a typical Tea Party Republican. Like most  Obama hating Conservatives she lives in an alternate version of reality where the Muslims have taken over , and the president is a communist who has a deep-seated hatred of white people and America.  Facts have little meaning in this alternate universe. Misinformation , propaganda , and out right lies are the norm.

She is a columnist for PolitiChicks , Town Hall  and Patriot Update.  Bemoaning the evils of  liberalism , and Obama – healthcare reform ,  liberty , social justice and equality  – and how it is destroying good old fashioned ‘Traditional Conservative American Values’ – racism , denying  equal rights to women , gays and Muslims – is a constant , typical theme throughout her articles.

As a child she claims to have suffered from the onset of OCD , not long after the death of her father , and that she often felt strange. She became a democrat in high school. But after 9/11 , she became disillusioned with the party , believing that the attack was somehow the fault of leftist liberal policies because Democrats were basically useless , or some such vague notion , and that she felt safe under the stalwart leadership of George Bush , despite the fact that America had just been attacked by  the worlds worst terrorist , and America had  been less safe under his presidency.

She still suffers from OCD , but like many of todays conservatives who have a problem discerning fantasy from reality , it can now be termed as Obsessive Cognitive Dissonance.

She’s written several books , including What Women Really Want , with her fellow PolitiChicks co-hosts. Her last book , Evil Eyes : How Obummer Is Destroying America By Shredding The Constitution , And All Kinds Of Other Stuff … was a bestseller. Her newest book , My Obama / OCD Connection , will be released this Fall by WND publications.

Glen Beck invited her to his show on the Blaze network to talk about the new book.

Aviary Photo_130876999377945098
Ann-Marie Murrell hawking her new book – My Obama /OCD Connection – with Glen Beck.

“It’s basically about my OCD connection with the democratic party ,” she said. “When I was  a little girl  I developed OCD ,  after my father died in a car accident. Everything became a repetitive ritual. Every time I sneezed , picked my nose  , coughed , burped or made a stinky , I felt compelled to say excuse me , or bless me. I drove my sister crazy. We shared a room back then. I was always making stinkies more than anything else , because every night I had milk with dinner , and milk gave me excessive gas. But I didn’t find out that milk was the culprit until I was much older. She always had to open a window , or turn on the fan. I remember how the room stank after a stinky attack. It wasn’t pleasant. It not only drove my sister crazy , but I had the strangest feeling that my stuffed animals didn’t like it either. My family thought I was strange because I was always making burpies and stinkies. Even when I wasn’t making burpies and stinkies , I was constantly saying bless me or excuse me. Even I thought I was strange. Sometimes I felt like there was no hope for me. It went on for years.

“When I was a teenager , I joined the Democratic party. They had something I already had in my life : organization and repetition. And they threw the best parties. I can’t tell you how many parties I went to. Literally hundreds. Sometimes I would get so blind stinking drunk , I would make a complete fool of myself. One night at a Halloween party at a friend’s house – this was in college , not high school –  I got smashed , and woke up in a Big Bird costume. Someone had come dressed as Big Bird from Sesame Street , and I guess they thought it would be funny to dress me in it while I was passed out.

“I believed the Democratic party was all about the people , defending America , and all kinds of other stuff. But like everyone else who’s ever joined the party , I was lied to. Liberals don’t care about people at all. All they care about is making America weaker through foreign policies , and other liberal policies , so they can turn it into a dictatorship , because they’re communists. That’s why the overwhelming majority of college professors are liberals. Their plan is to infiltrate every institution in America , and they know that universities and schools are a great place to indoctrinate as many young people as they can. It’s all part of the communist manifesto. Weaken America from within. And when they’ve succeeded in doing that , it’s easier to infiltrate other institutions , such as the media , and state and federal government.

“Democrats and liberals align themselves with the Communist Party Of America , the LGBT community , Nazis , and Muslims , because they’re all driven by authoritarianism. Communists , gays , Nazis , and Muslims want to take over America and turn it into a communist , Nazi , gay Muslim dictatorship. Which is what Obama is currently trying to do. Because it’s obvious to any patriotic gun loving American that he’s a socialist communist , Nazi , gay Muslim dictator , and he’s doing everything thing he can to take our freedoms and our guns away from us.

“When 9/11 happened , my life change for the better. That was the day I left the democratic party and became a republican. The day the towers fell , I suddenly realized that the democratic party was basically useless , good for nothing , incapable of taking care of the poor like they were always bragging about , and totally incapable of defending America. When I heard president Bush’s bullhorn speech , like millions of other Americans , I was moved to tears. Like a true leader he kept America together. He let  those responsible know that they would be brought to justice. We needed a president with back bone , a president who was capable of hunting down those terrorists and making them pay. And George Bush was that president. He made us feel proud to be Americans , and he made us feel safe.

“When Obama was elected , I couldn’t believe how many people could be so blind and ignorant. It was obvious from the start of his campaign that he was lying and using propaganda to fool the gullible Democrats and liberals into voting for him. And like the true idiots they are , they fell for it , hook , line and sinker. They oohed and awwed at his  every word  like they were hypnotized or something. Even today , they’re still blinded by their ignorance. They believe everything he says , like he’s incapable of telling a lie , and when he is caught lying , the liberal media becomes outraged and accuses Conservatives of lying.

“They not only believe what he says , but they believe that he’s kept America safe the last six years. Obama has never kept us safe. He has made America weaker with his foreign policy , with gun control , and immigration. He’s allowing ISIS and other terrorists to cross the border because he supports Muslim terrorists. He believes he can continue thumbing his nose at Congress and the law with his executive orders and his disrespect and shredding of the Constitution , until one day , very soon , according to the experts , before he leaves office , his loyal , brainwashed followers will declare him King and Emperor Obama , declare martial law , take our guns away  and enslave all of us in concentration camps that Fema has set up all over America.”


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