How Obummer Is Destroying America By Shredding The Constitution , And All Kinds Of Other Stuff , Because He’s A Socialist Communist , Nazi Tyrant , Gay Muslim Dictator , And The Anti-Christ

Some people will believe anything about Barack Obama , no matter how ridiculous or bizarre it is. Reality is often suspended , and fantasy becomes the norm. It’s not enough that he may be a socialist , a communist , a Nazi , or a secret Muslim , supporting Muslim terrorists. Something else must be involved to explain why they believe he is so evil.

The most common belief about Obama – other than the obvious fact that he is a communist , gay , a Nazi tyrant , and a Muslim terrorist – is that he is the Anti-Christ.  According to the average Obama hating Christian fundamentalist – or the average Obama hating conservative – the proof is in the pudding. In other words ,  without citing any specific details , they will often launch into a rant quoting  biblical passages supposedly proving that Obama is the Anti-Christ , or  they will simply tell you that he is guilty of persecuting Christians , siding with Islam , and  supporting Muslim terrorists , all without evidence. Those asking for  any type of documentation ,  are often accused of being Obama drones , and therefore not capable of thinking for themselves. If they were capable of thinking on their own , they would clearly see the tons of evidence beneath their very noses.

 Not too long ago , Victoria Jackson believed that Obama was the Anti-Christ. That is , until one fateful day she attended a secret meeting and learned from a fellow Obama hating conservative that the real Anti-Christ was none other than the suspicious , evil mole beside his nose.  She’s a conservative blogger , and co-host of PolitiChicks , a talk show that some have compared to The View , only much more   entertaining – or annoying if you happen to be a liberal – since the latter is more than enough to put both conservatives and liberals into a deep catatonic state. She’s also written a couple of  books criticizing the policies of Barack Obama. In her previous book , The Mole That Is Not Really A Mole In The White House , she claimed that Obama’s mole is actually his conjoined twin , and is in fact the Anti-Christ , and that it is influencing him and his failed policies through mind control , out sold any of her other books , and excerpts were featured in the National Enquirer.

A few of her fellow PolitiChick hosts have criticized her latest book as ridiculous sensationalism. “Which is probably why they were so eager to print it ,” said Ann- Marie Murrell in an interview with Fox News’ Megan Kelly. “It’s pure junk , like most of what they run as news.”

Ann-Marie , a former actress – most notably for her role in the eighties series , Sledge Hammer – and recent gun loving convert , has written her own books about Obama. Her most recent , Evil EyesHow Obummer Is Destroying America By Shredding The Constitution , And All Kinds Of Other Stuff , Because He’s A Socialist Communist , Nazi Tyrant , Gay Muslim Dictator ,  And The AntiChrist , received critical praise from fellow gun loving , Obama hating patriots such as practically everyone at Fox News , Ted Nugent , and Rush Limbaugh.

Aviary Photo_130873411849018249
Ann-Marie Murrell on Fox News , discussing her new book – Evil Eyes : How Obummer Is Destroying America By Shredding The Constitution , And All Kinds Of Other Stuff , Because He’s A Socialist Communist , Nazi Tyrant , Gay Muslim Dictator , And The Anti-Christ – with Megan Kelly.

“Now , don’t get me wrong ,” she continued. “I love Victoria. She’s a smart lady.  Almost everything she has to say , makes a lot of sense , especially when it comes to Obama. But to suggest that his mole is the Anti-Christ , is insane. It’s something a crazy person would say. I would expect something like that coming from a stupid liberal or a progressive , since God knows , as well as any conservative , how nuts  they all are simply because they’re communists.”

“But you have no problem believing that the president is the Anti-Christ?”

Aviary Photo_130873412365498215
Evil eyes , a sure sign that Obama is the Anti-Christ , according to Ann-Marie Murrell.

“Why should I? I mean … look. If you need proof , just look at his eyes for example. They’re evil. He has the devil’s eyes. He’s able to hypnotize you with a single stare. Some people have told me they’ve actually seen them glow. I haven’t myself , but I have often felt strange when seeing him on television , as if he knew I was watching him and he was trying to hypnotize me.

“Speaking of Obama’s eyes , I have a brand new song that Victoria wrote. She wanted me to share it with your viewers. It’s sung to the tune of Rudolph. It’s called Obammie The Lying Commie. It goes like this :

“Obama the socialist commie has a pair of evil eyes ,

and if you ever saw them you would even say they lie ,

all of the other commies never even question why ,

they are so glad to serve him , and be his slaves for life ,

then one commie holiday Carl Marx came to say ,

‘Barry with your glowing eyes so bright ,

won’t you tell more lies tonight?’

Then how the Libs did love him ,

as they shouted out his praise ,

‘Barack Hussein Obama ,

we want to be your mindless slaves!’

“It’s not just his eyes that give him away. Look at what he’s doing with Islam. He always sides with Muslims , and supports Muslim terrorists not only in the middle east , but here in America. He has given Muslim terrorists jobs in the White House. You want proof? Watch Dana Loesch’s video Jobs For Jihadis.

“He’s always appointing Czars to the White House staff , and we know what Czars are – communists. He’s letting Muslim terrorists and ISIS  waltz straight across the borders. They have bases in Mexico and Texas. Any time now they will start attacking our schools , and steal our children so they can recruit them , and turn them into gay soldiers and sex slaves.

“The most obvious evidence  that he’s the Anti-Christ is his blatant support for same-sex marriage. This is in violation of the constitution , of the first amendment , the separation of church and state. By doing this , he has , along with the supreme court , spit in the face of God and every decent Christian , believing he can change the definition of marriage. And the reason for doing so is because he’s gay himself. Gays love to stick together. We know how evil and un-American they are. Scott Lively said so in his book , Pink Swastika. We know there is , in fact , a Nazi-gay connection. They want to destroy America.  It’s all laid out in the book. He’s behaving just like the Anti-Christ , not to mention  a socialist communist , Nazi tyrant , gay Muslim dictator , and an atheist. He’s doing everything that the Bible says the Anti-Christ will do in the End Times , by destroying America from within , by shredding the constitution , stealing our guns , Obamacare , and all kinds of other stuff.”


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