Barack Obama : Cross Dressing Lizard Queen From Planet Zork

People have  lived in fear of Barack Obama long before he became president. Most of these are irrational fears. To some he is a foreigner , a socialist , a communist , a Nazi , gay , a Muslim.  Anyone with a little common sense would find all of these fears highly questionable , but there are a great number of Americans who are convinced without a doubt that he is at least one of the above. Others are convinced that he is a combination of them all.

Others have exhibited an unnatural fear  , a fear often bordering on paranoia. They are convinced that Obama is part of a vast , centuries long conspiracy to get him into the White House , and that he will suspend all of their freedoms and take their guns.

Then there are those people who suffer from a fear that transcends any semblance of reality. To them , Obama is the Anti-Christ foretold in the book of Revelations , or an alien visitor from another world or dimension.  Some have even written books , attempting to validate these bizarre theories. There is no reaching these people , no convincing them of their insanity. They live in their own fantasy world , convinced they are completely sane.

David Icke is one of many who lives in this fantasy world , and he has convinced countless thousands of others to join him there. David subscribes to several bizarre conspiracy theories. Among his claims : the world is not really what it appears to be. We are living in a matrix created by an alien race – in other words , what we perceive to be reality is nothing more than a hologram – the ruling elite are the descendants of the royal bloodline of a shape shifting reptilian race – which he calls the Anunnaki – from a time rift in the Draconian star system ; members of this ruling elite have been involved in world-wide conspiracies for centuries , including satanic ritual abuse and murder of children ; the moon is a hollow sphere that was put into orbit around the earth millions of years ago by this alien race , and they have been watching over humanity from the interior where they have been living for thousands of years.

Even those who subscribe to some of their own wild theories – among them , Jessie Ventura – have dismissed him as a total loon. He’s written several books on the subject , including Children Of The Matrix , Tales From The Time Loop , and The Perception Deception. His newest and latest book , Gork From Zork : The Truth About Barack Obama : Cross Dressing Lizard Queen From Planet Zork , is a tell all that exposes the true origins of Barack Obama. He had previously written a book about Obama’s role in the global conspiracy , but this book , he claims , will be the one that shatters the confidence that most Americans have in the president. So far , the confidence of those Americans has yet to be shattered.

David has been featured on Coast To Coast with George Noory many times over the years. Not long ago , George invited him back to talk about the new book.

David Icke discussing his new book - Gork From Zork : The Truth About Barack Obama , Cross Dressing Lizard Queen From Planet Zork
David Icke discussing his new book – Gork From Zork : The Truth About Barack Obama , Cross Dressing Lizard Queen From Planet Zork – on Coast To Coast with George Noory.

“The new book is about Barack Obama’s true role in the global conspiracy to deceive the human race ,” he said. “His Draconian name is Baracus Obamacus – it means ‘cross dresser’ – Gork is just one of several nick names –  and he is from a long line of gay Draconian kings , or I should say , queens. It completely blows the lid off everything you ever thought you knew about the president , and this world we live in. We know for a fact that he is a foreigner in the true sense of the word , but most people  that know this to be true , believe that he is from Kenya. But as a matter of fact , he is actually from Zork , a planet in the Draconian star system. The Draconians are a race of advanced , intelligent reptilian humanoids who have been here for millions of years. They are our masters , they created the human race , and this world we live in , which is nothing more than an illusion , a hologram so to speak , an illusion that we see as our own perception of reality. It’s a common illusion , that includes trees , flowers , grass , a sky above us and the ground below us. It also includes insects , and animals , and people just like us.”

George Noory : “Are you saying that everyone around us is also a part of that illusion? Wouldn’t that mean that we ourselves are just an illusion?”

“No. Not exactly.”

“Then what are you trying say?”

“I’m saying that to me , you are an illusion , and to you , I am an illusion. But to ourselves we are very real. In other words , you are a figment of my imagination and I am a figment of your imagination.”

Noory : “That doesn’t make any sense. In other words , we’re just talking to ourselves. Or not really talking at all , since neither of us really exist.”

“I know , because everything is an illusion. We don’t know what is real and what isn’t real.”

“Are you for real?”

“Ah … that’s a good question. To myself I am real , but to you I am an illusion , and to me you are -”

Noory : “We covered that already. Let’s talk about the new book. In it , you claim that Barack Obama is a lizard queen from outer space. I can sort of get behind the idea of an intelligent alien race , but to suggest that the president is a gay  alien cross dressing queen , seems preposterous. Where did you come up with this notion?”

Gork from Zork. Barack Obama's true appearance , according to David Icke.
Gork from Zork. Barack Obama’s true appearance , according to David Icke.

 “It’s not a notion. It’s a fact. There are many people around the world that know for a fact that Barack Obama is actually gay , so I see nothing wrong with depicting him as a gay reptilian. It fits in very nicely with the whole socialist , communist , Nazi , Muslim thing , because it’s also a known fact that gays are really totalitarians , and want to take all of our freedoms away. They’ve been doing it since Obama was first elected. And they will stop at nothing until they have succeeded.”

“Whatever. And what makes  you think that he is really a gay reptilian cross dressing queen?”

“Well , I have actual photos and videos that people have sent to me from around the world.”

“Can you produce some of these photos and videos?”

“Unfortunately , at this time , I am unable to do so. But I can tell you this. If you watch Obama very carefully and very closely on television , you may notice very subtle and very odd changes to his appearance. Sometimes changes will occur with the eyes ; they may become slit like , or glow , giving him the ability to hypnotize others to do his bidding , which I believe is how he has managed to deceive his followers and supporters , through mass telepathy. Other  changes may occur in the mouth revealing a forked tongue consistent with that of a reptile  , revealing his true inner nature  as a lying snake. At times he may shift completely to his true form , and you may sometimes notice that he may be wearing a dress , or a pink ribbon on his scaly head.

“Ted Nugent was wrong when he said the president weasled his way into the White House. He lied his way into the White House with that evil , lying reptilian tongue , and very soon the satanic , Illuminati , New World Order will be complete , and we will all be eaten in one big barbeque by our gay , communist , Nazi , Muslim , reptilian masters.”


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