Victoria Jackson Discovers Obama’s Mole Is Really His Conjoined Evil Twin

President Obama has been called every name under the sun – a socialist , a communist , a Nazi , gay , a gay Muslim , a terrorist , the Anti-Christ , and even an alien. To reasonable people , all of them are an exaggeration  and a bit of a stretch , but to some , most of these are appropriate names to describe the character and politics of Barack Obama.

But if he were truly a communist , a Nazi , or a terrorist , would any of these be enough to explain his behavior? Or is there something much more sinister behind it?

According to Victoria Jackson , there is indeed something  much more sinister to Barack Obama than meets the eye.

Victoria , a conservative blogger , actress , and talk show host , has recorded two videos , and written two books exposing Barack Obama. Her second , and latest book , The Mole That Is Not Really A Mole In The White House : Obama’s Mole Not Really A Mole But His Evil Conjoined Twin , has received mixed reviews from conservative media since its publication last Spring.  The liberal media has laughingly dismissed it as something out of the National Enquirer.

Sean Hannity recently invited her to his show to discuss the book. Fox News , which has had a history of bashing and criticizing everything the president does or says , endorsed and promoted her last book , To Serve Obama , and were all too eager to  promote  the new one.

Aviary Photo_130866473228044622
Jackson promoting her book , The Mole That Is Not Really A Mole In The White House , on Hannity

“Everyone I know who hates Barack Obama believes he is evil because of his communist upbringing ,” she said. “I use to believe it myself. After all , he’s always been good friends with Bill Ayers , and Saul Alinsky , and they are both known radical communists , and were involved in all kinds of terrorist activities. And Reverend Wright was a radical communist too. So it’s no surprise that Obama is a communist and a terrorist – not to mention , a socialist , a Nazi , and a gay Muslim. And anyone who knows anything about communism , knows that they want to take over America , and the world , and make everyone their slaves.

“For a long time , I too believed his mentors inspired him to become an evil dictator. But then , one day , a few years ago , I attended a meeting at the Longworth Building , in Washington , where I learned the truth about Barack Obama. I’ve always known he is a radical Muslim communist since his first run for president. But something I learned at that meeting was more shocking and even more disgusting  than anything I ever knew about him.

“At the meeting , a couple of FBI agents , John and Steve , showed me facts and proof , and evidence including names and pictures , that prove without a shadow of a doubt that the communist Muslims have completely taken over our government and every institution in America. I saw so much evidence and facts and proof on display , more proof than anyone would ever need to impeach the communist , gay Muslim in the White House , and his entire administration. But , unfortunately , it won’t happen , because the communist liberal press will never report the evidence. They will simply cover it up like they always have when someone has evidence against Obama.

“All of the evidence they showed me was shocking enough , but not as shocking as what I learned later. I was just about to leave the meeting  when I met  someone who shared with me his theory of why he thinks Obama is so evil.   I’ve never told this to anyone until I wrote the book. He said that while it has much to do with how he was brought up ,  it doesn’t explain everything.  He told me that something much more sinister and much more evil is behind Barack Obama , something that most people would probably consider insane.

“He said it was Barack Obama’s mole. You know , that  freaky thing beside his nose? I know it doesn’t make any sense. That is , until you consider the fact that the mole is actually his evil conjoined twin , which he called Julio. But wait , that’s not all of it. The mole that is actually his evil conjoined twin , is really the Anti-Christ!

“At first I thought the guy was just pulling my leg or something ; he said it with such a straight face. I thought he would suddenly burst out laughing and admit that it was nothing more than a joke. But I realized he was dead serious. He could see that I was skeptical , so he told me to watch Obama closely , and his mole even closer. He said that if you watched it close enough , it would give itself away by moving ever so slightly. He said it’s controlling Obama through mental telepathy , and that he in turn is controlling us through telepathy , and that Obama is as much a slave of it as we are of him.

“So I watched Obama every time he was on television. And I watched his mole even closer. For a while , I really didn’t notice anything odd about it ; it seemed like just an ordinary , creepy looking mole. Then , just as I was  getting tired of looking at it , and starting to feel like a fool , it suddenly moved! Yes , it actually moved. Not only did it move , but I could see tiny eyes and a mouth on it! It was also wearing a tiny hat , and it was laughing!

“I thought Oh my God , this is disgusting! Moles are creepy enough as they are , but this was beyond disgusting. I felt the urge to barf , but nothing would come but a dry heave. I remember having nightmares for weeks about that disgusting thing.  And soon after that I wrote the book , hoping to convince as many people as possible that Barack Obama’s mole really is the Anti-Christ.

“I don’t care if the communist liberal press thinks I’m crazy. They can laugh all they want. I know for a fact that I’m not crazy. I know for a fact that Barack Obama’s mole is indeed the Anti-Christ , and that very soon  they will complete their socialist , communist , Nazi , gay Muslim , satanic take over of America , take all of our guns away , and throw all of us patriotic gun loving Americans into Fema camps.”


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