How Obama Derangement Syndrome Turned Me Into A Patriotic Paranoid Gun Loving American

When Barack Obama was elected forty-fourth president of the United States , something strange happened. All over America , conservatives and republicans suddenly realized that something was not right with the new president.

It was not that he was a liberal democrat.

It was not that he was bi-racial , or that he was accused of being a foreigner with a strange name.

It was not that he was accused of being a socialist , a Nazi , a Marxist communist  , gay ,  atheist ,  a Muslim , or a Muslim terrorist enabler.

It was none of the above.

It was something much worse. It was a feeling of wrongness , of evil personified.

It was Obama Derangement Syndrome.

Rush Limbaugh explained it this way on a recent broadcast of his syndicated radio show :

 “Loony liberals claim that it is nothing more than fear and hatred of a black man with a foreign name. But that is not the case. Obama Derangement Syndrome is nothing more than the sudden realization that Barack Obama is evil , and wrong for America , and will ultimately take over and destroy not only this great nation , but the entire world. This is inevitable. We know for a fact that he was a student and great admirer of Saul Alinsky , as well as Bill Ayers , both of whom were radical evil communists. And communists have only one goal in mind , and that is to take over the entire world , and enslave all of mankind. And it will happen , ladies and gentlemen. Mark my words. Barack Obama is bidding his time. I believe he is waiting for the very last moment , literally , seconds before the presidency changes hands , and then when we least expect it , he will stage a coup , declare himself King Obama , take all of our guns away and throw all of us who oppose him , into Fema Camps.”

My anonymous source in the White House recently  shared her own unique perspective on Obama Derangement Syndrome.

What every sane , patriotic gun loving American should be concerned about.

“I was a democrat for most of my life ,” she said. “I voted for Hillary Clinton in 2008.  I wanted to see her win , because I thought it was time for a woman in the White House. With the economy in the toilet due to two wars , failed policies , and countless scandals , I was fed up , as were most Americans. I thought Hillary could change all that. It was time for Bush  to go. We couldn’t take another four years of his shenanigans. Barack Obama came along and promised change for the better , for the good of the country and the economy. He promised to balance the budget , to cut the deficit , and decrease government spending. He was exactly the change that most Americans were looking for. I really believed he was the one who could do it , I believed he was the messiah we were all hoping for. I had friends that believed he was the messiah. But wishful thinking and reality don’t often go hand in hand.

“Like all presidents , he lied to get himself elected. He failed to balance the budget. He failed to decrease both the deficit and government spending , and he  lied about Obama Care when he said you can keep your coverage. He is a pathological liar. He has lied more than all other presidents combined.  Those of us who know the truth about him , know that there is no such thing as Obama Derangement Syndrome. It is simply an invention of the liberal media for those of us who know that he is evil and not to be trusted. It has absolutely nothing to do with the color of his skin , or his name. It does , however , have everything to do with the fact that he is a socialist Marxist communist , a Nazi , an atheist , a gay Muslim , and a Muslim terrorist enabler and sympathizer. And it is for these reasons that he is evil , and just plain wrong for America. And he is doing everything he can to undermine and destroy this once great nation from within. There are several ways he is doing this. He is acting like a dictator with his pen by signing a record-breaking number of executive orders , more than all presidents combined. He deliberately left Americans to die in Benghazi , lied about it , and refused to call it a terrorist attack. He used the IRS to persecute conservatives. He traded Muslim terrorists for a deserter. He continues to financially support Al Qaeda terrorists by sending them flowers , cards , and candy.  He is persecuting Christians with his support of the Nazi LGBT movement , who are in turn , persecuting Christians. He continues to apologize for Americas greatness to its enemies. He is attempting to give nuclear weapons to Iran. He is a gay Muslim , and an atheist. But his greatest crime against America , is shredding copies of the constitution in the Oval office on a daily basis , and laughing while he does it.

“I’ve always considered myself a patriotic American. But I’ve never been much of a gun lover. However , when Barack Obama became president , and I discovered that he was an evil socialist communist , Nazi , gay Muslim , and a Muslim terrorist enabler and sympathizer , I became a republican ,  learned how to use a gun , and I’ve been a patriotic gun loving American ever since.”


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