One Hundred Ways To Spot A Communist Liberal – Part 7

Aviary Photo_1310842801347203611) They believe George Bush lied about weapons of Mass destruction in Iraq.

2) They don’t believe guns make Americans safer.

3) They believe Ted Nugent is a draft dodging pants shitter.

4) They don’t believe Barack Obama is plotting to invade Texas through Jade Helm.

5) They don’t believe the End Times are upon us because of Barack Obama.

6) They don’t believe the Obama dogs , Sunny and Bo , are gay.

7) They don’t believe all the Dancing With The Stars dancers are gay.

8) They don’t believe Barack Obama is really a shape shifting alien lizard.

9) They don’t believe everything wrong in the world is Barack Obama’s fault.

10) They believe conservatives are obsessed with Barack Obama.

If you know anyone who adheres to any of the above , they are Godless communists liberals , and are in need of mental therapy.


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