Obama Made Me Do It : How My Dog And I Became Obama Bots


Former McCain supporter reveals how she and her dog became Obama bots.

Loony liberals love to complain that conservatives blame everything on Obama , but that simply is not the case. Everything bad that happens in America is indeed Barack Obama’s fault , and I’ll tell you why. Obama is a known communist , a Muslim , believes in global warming , Darwin’s theory of evolution , does not believe in God , and is a gay sympathizer. Anyone who is a communist , a Muslim , believes in global warming , Darwin’s theory of evolution , does not believe in God , or is gay , or a gay sympathizer , is evil , and cursed by God. It’s a simple fact.

The following story is a perfect example of how evil this tyrannical dictator is. From shredding the constitution , to his blatant support of the Nazi like LGBT movement , this man – I can’t even bring myself to think of him as a man – has sunk to a new low.

Speaking at a tea party meeting last month , Lamie Buttz revealed how she and her dog became Obama bots.

“I’ve been a conservative my entire life ,” she said to a room full of Tea Party patriots. Many of them carried signs that said , Go back to Kenya , Obummer , we don’t want you here! Others read , We don’t want a Muslim witch doctor in the white house! Go practice your voodoo magic  in Kenya!

“My parents raised me to be a conservative ,” she continued. “From the time I was three they taught me that Conservatives were good people , and that liberals and communists were evil , and that the Illuminati – the secret society of evil , wealthy families and bankers – were plotting to over throw the United States government , and install a New World Order , and that they were preparing for the coming of the Anti – Christ. Both my parents were members of the John Birch Society , an organization dedicated to ridding America of the communist scourge. I attended meetings with them , where I learned how the communists were infiltrating our society at every level. Public schools , private schools , churches , teachers and workers unions , the media , and state and local government. I even went door to door  with them , and by myself when I got older , warning my neighbors and everyone I knew , that the communists wanted to take everything we love  away from us. Most of them thought I was crazy ; I can’t really say I blamed them. I often repeated what my parents instructed me to say , even though I really didn’t understand much of it , and I have to admit , at the time , it didn’t really make a whole lot of sense.

    “At the time , I really didn’t understand who the Anti – Christ was. All I really knew was what my parents told me , and what I read in the bible. That he was evil , the son of the devil , and that he would come in the End Times , and enslave all of mankind. But when Obama became president , it all became clear. I began to understand who this man was. He was the Anti – Christ foretold in the Book of Revelations!”

She paused as someone shouted ,  ‘Obammie the commie! Send him back to Kenya!’ There were shouts of ‘Amen!’ , and applause.

She continued : “There was no doubt in my mind who or what he really was. During his first term , he began acting like a tyrant , just like the bible predicted he would. He began persecuting Christians , by not allowing them to pray in public places , and not letting our kids pray in school. He aligned himself with the LGBT movement , who are closely associated with the Nazi and Communist Parties Of America , and he began running drugs and weapons to Muslim terrorists , and the drug cartels in Mexico. But , I digress. You , my fellow patriots , and gun loving Americans , have invited me here to tell you my story of how Obama turned me into a zombie for the leftist , communist cause. And that’s what I’m going to do.

“It was during his first term. There were already reports that he was involved in illegal activities , from shredding the Constitution – I’ve heard reports that he delighted in shredding copies of it in the Oval office – to his excessive amounts of executive orders. The liberal  communist press has been covering up for him like they always do , but we knew he was guilty of practically everything under the sun. From endorsing the militant Nazi LGBT movement , to allowing his Muslim buddies to teach their Godless religion to our kids in public and private schools!

She paused and the crowd booed loudly , amid shouts of , ‘Commie liberal , go back to Kenya! and ‘Keep your Muslim witch doctor hands off our kids , and out of our schools!

“I was watching one of my favorite shows , Real Housewives Of Something Or Other , and really getting into it , and hoping and praying to the good lord to see a cat fight between Kim and Kyle Richards , because I really couldn’t stand the two bitches. But before he could make it happen , it was interrupted by Obummer’s speech on Libya and Daffy Qadhafi. I cursed and threw my beer against the wall , spooking my dog , Roger Rabbit – I called him that because he looked more like a rabbit than a dog , with his big floppy ears  –  who quickly lapped it up. I wanted to change the channel. I even went so far as to pick up the remote , but it felt like something was stopping me. It felt like something was compelling me from changing the channel. My eyes were glued to the set ; I couldn’t look away. It was like I was hypnotized. The camera cut to a close up of Obummer’s face. The mole beside his nose looked larger than usual ; it was creeping me out. In the back of my mind , I could hear a voice saying over and over , it’s just a mole.  Finally , I shook my head and looked away. Roger had just finished lapping up the spilled beer and was now staring at the TV with a blank , dazed stare.

“Roger , what’s the matter , boy?” I said. He never looked at me , just stared at the TV with that dazed expression. I thought maybe he was getting a buzz on from the beer. But then I realized it must be the TV , because when I turned back to the screen , they were still showing a close up of Obummer’s face – and his eyes were glowing! And in my mind I heard a voice that said , ‘You will not look away! You will do what I say! I am your lord and god , your one and only master!’

The crowd gasped , mesmerized by every word.

“At first I thought the mole , that creepy mole , was speaking to me , and I shuddered. But no , it was Obama himself! He was hypnotizing me to do his bidding!”

The crowd gasped again.

“I was becoming what I feared most , ever since he became president , a mindless Obama bot!”

The crowd gasped a third time.

“That mindless hoard of Obama drones that can’t think for themselves , but do everything that Obummer tells them to do. In a moment , I couldn’t remember what happened next. I was told by friends that for two years Roger and I were walking , talking ghouls for Obama , just like those flesh eating zombies in that TV show –  except for the flesh eating part. Eventually , some of my friends became so concerned for our sanity that they staged an intervention , and succeeded in exorcizing the Obama demon from our souls , and  we were once again , decent , God fearing , patriotic gun loving Americans , fighting Obama and his scourge of walking , talking , drooling communist zombies. And that’s how we became Obama bots , but thank God he delivered us from that evil!”


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